Giving by personal check

Mail your check to: 

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
PO Box 7895
Madison, WI 53707-7895

  • Make your check payable to InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA. Mailing checks to staff members instead of InterVarsity will delay processing of your check and may affect the month or year in which it is processed.
  • If you have previously given to InterVarsity and have a paper receipt, you can mail your check with the bottom of your receipt in the courtesy envelope provided (or to the address on this form). This receipt portion contains a code that enables your donation to be easily and accurately processed.
  • You may also use a business reply envelope provided by an InterVarsity staff member. Be sure to write on it the campus, staff member, project or other designation to which your gift should be applied.
  • We use the name and address information printed on your check to send you a receipt for tax purposes. The IRS requires that we issue a receipt to the person whose name is on the check.

View a printable donation form to mail with your check

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