InterVarsity Legacy Fund

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The InterVarsity Legacy Fund:  Make a Gift That Keeps On Giving

If you would like to make a gift that will continue to help InterVarsity reach college students and faculty long into the future, even during challenging financial climates, please consider making a contribution for the InterVarsity Legacy Fund.

The principal balance of the InterVarsity Legacy Fund is prudently invested and we spend from its income.  This fund exists to provide a long-term, stable, and increasing stream of money to help InterVarsity continue ministry priorities such as:

  • Growth: Starting new InterVarsity chapters and helping existing chapters reach out to more students and faculty on campus.  Since 2007, we’ve started more than 100 new chapters, and our goal is to plant twice that many during the 2012-2017 strategic plan period.
  • Evangelism: During the last five year period, we’ve seen more new Christians than in any such period in our 70-year history!  We're strategically working to see an ever increasing number of college students and faculty begin following Jesus in the future.
  • Discipleship: We strive to deepen the biblical literacy of students and faculty as we call them to life-long discipleship.
  • Leadership Development: Preparing our staff to step into greater leadership and influence within InterVarsity; filling our leadership pipeline with the best leaders for the future.

To make a gift now, click here, enter “InterVarsity Legacy Fund” in the box, and follow the instructions on your screen.  To learn about other ways to contribute to the InterVarsity Legacy Fund, including giving appreciated stock, specifying a gift in your estate plan, or by establishing a fund for a preferred InterVarsity ministry, please contact Gary Kopan, Estate & Gift Planning Officer, toll-free, 1-866-404-4823, x3685;