What Our Donors Say

Why these donors keep giving

Randy and Kathy Pope

Randy is a lawyer in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Kathy, an artist and former art teacher, works as business manager for their law firm, Pope & Pope, P.A. They have raised two daughters, both of whom were enriched by InterVarsity in college.

“Our InterVarsity experiences have struck significant chords in us that have resonated in our lives over the years. As we continue to read IVP books, attend InterVarsity conferences and Urbanas, and interact with InterVarsity staff and friends of InterVarsity, we continue to be challenged to keep growing in Christ, learning and applying that Word of Life in ways we have not experienced anywhere else.
     We love InterVarsity, also, because it is a movement that always strives to hear the heartbeat of each emerging college generation (the future leaders of the world and the church) and to interpret for them the changeless message of salvation in Jesus Christ, performing on campus a vital service for the church.”


Peter and Phyllis Cha

Peter is an associate professor of pastoral theology at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Illinois and serves on InterVarsity’s board of trustees. His wife, Phyllis, is a radiologist. They have two children.

“Phyllis and I see that InterVarsity is continuing to play a very strategic role in reaching out to today’s college students. And that means InterVarsity is helping to raise new generations of dedicated young leaders for God’s church. For instance, as a seminary faculty member, I see clearly the fruits of InterVarsity ministry whenever I encounter InterVarsity alums on my campus—dedicated young men and women who have yielded their lives to the lordship of Christ and the cause of his kingdom.”


Luis Alvarez

Luis is a true New Yorker who graduated in from Hunter College with a B.A. in computer science in 1991. He is currently a bi-vocational pastor with a marketplace job as Director of Information Technology for WORLDHOTELS, NYC. His ministry job is serving as Lead Pastor, for Park Slope Christian Tabernacle in Brooklyn, New York.

“InterVarsity was instrumental in my development as a Christian. It came along at a crucial stage in my life. InterVarsity opened up my understanding of Scripture and God’s movement in the world. It helped me develop a Christian worldview that was both relevant and biblical. I owe my love for inductive Bible Study, my awareness of God’s heart for social justice and my appreciation for the beautiful spectrum of believers (ethnically, culturally, denominationally) to InterVarsity—not to mention my leadership development and the excellent paradigms of service and transparency. I believe InterVarsity is essential for students today. It’s essential for building the kingdom.”


Ken and Linda Kelley

Ken graduated from Michigan State in 1980. Linda received a B.S in 1979 and a M.A. in education in 1981. Ken is currently president of a small software company in suburban Chicago. Linda is a full-time mom and manager of the household. They have four children.

“We continue to support InterVarsity over the long haul because of a two-fold conviction. First, students are often at a prime ‘tipping point’ in their lives and are particularly sensitive to the Spirit's convicting work. My personal conversion experience took place when I was at Michigan State University, although not directly through the ministry of InterVarsity. It seems when students begin to be ‘on their own’ and start to think about the direction of their lives, the Lord often softens their hearts and they respond to the gospel. We want to support the work of reaching students for Christ.
     Second, we believe that by helping develop strong chapters within the university, InterVarsity is serving a vital role in building the church. It is a cliché but true that tomorrow's leaders are today's students. We want to have a role in encouraging the faith of those who are already believers by providing resources that will lead to a great ‘incubation environment’ on campus.”


Rudy and Susan Hernandez

Rudy graduated from Texas State University in 1972. He is a financial and estate planner, and serves on InterVarsity’s board of trustees. Susan is a “retired” business manager. They have two grown daughters and live in the San Antonio area.

“We continue to support InterVarsity because of the life-changing ministry InterVarsity had in my (Rudy) life when I was a student. And because InterVarsity continues to reach universities and colleges with the gospel, and to equip students and faculty of all ethnicities to respond to the Lord's call for their lives.”

Dan and Bobbie Sessler

Bobbie is the reading specialist for a Wisconsin public school district. Dan is a general internist at Baraboo Internal Medicine in Baraboo, Wisconsin, where they have lived for over twenty years. They have two grown children.

 “I (Dan) became involved in InterVarsity when invited to join a Bible study late in my freshman year. As I became more involved I attended training conferences and served on the executive committee. Our current role is mostly in supporting several staff members in prayer and financially. We have tried to stay in some personal contact with the staff we support—they have all played a critical role in our lives, and we love them very much.  We have also been able to get our church involved in InterVarsity's ministry to international students. A staff member was a good friend and mentor for me during some of my early years as a Christian. I want other students to be able to have that blessing too."